Off Shoulder Jean Dress for Casual Hipster Summers

Call it Hipster, call it vintage inspired off shoulder jean dress is a major revival trend of the season!  💣💥

Yes, who doesnt love a jean dress and off shoulder trend was booming all over this summer (from tops to shirt dresses we got to shown our sexy necks and shoulders).. As for vintage trends these are now like a treasure hunt or you are a real lucky expert and manage to find something designer label in a second hand boutique, otherwise go for a retro-inspired cut that are practically everywhere now (from highwaisted shorts to cropped tops, cotton signorina dresses and washed denim)..  💙   ​​

If you are dressed vintage remember to accessorize with modern pieces, you don’t want to look like you got transported from the past era in a costume, but simply have a slight fashion nostalgia!  In fact, I added wooden sunnies and a plastic sparkle zip up bag to give it a hip touch!    💥💙 👛😎

Wearing off shoulder called for a nice choker (also 90s inspired – I love making those and plan to post a tutorial with some cool ideas for you might want to make on my new vlog, coming next week)!    🎬💥💣💫 ​

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