Maxi Hippie Chic Dress is always a great Summer Outfit


Summer time is for shorts and bikinis, but sometimes a girl just doesn’t want to show it all (because we all have days when we do not really feel top notch, to be wearing innie-mini), so a casual long dress is perfect for those days!💚💟

img_20160805_214152.jpgI bought this because France and it has been my lifesaver ever (French girls have it all figured out long time ago just always look stylish and have no ‘no days’)! I love its multicolored parsley fantasy print , but floral prints are also wonderful!  💐💟💜💐  I prefer my long dresses in silk or cotton, as summers in Italy are quite hot, so natural fabrics work best!


For my day look, I wore a pair of suede hippy platform (don’t you just love the fringes and little charms on them), but flat pair of boho chic sandals, would work, as well (yes hippy- boho chic is one of my favorite summer styles)..  At night time, I wear this dress with silver sandals, a little shiny belt and purse!


As for my day purse, I chose a basket decorated in flowers, as it is big enough to fit all the things I need to carry, without looking oversize (a maxi length never works with an oversize bag). 😇😈
Something to remember is that a long maxi dress (whether it is halters or off-shoulder style) it brings attention to your neck and shoulders! So sexy it up, wear delicate jewels or glitter tatoos (whatever you want to drive boys crazy with, as they try to magine the hidden rest)!


If you are a girly girl like me, who loves flower crowns, then when is the better time to wear headpieces, if not summer time with boho looks!  💐💫 I kept my flower crown small, but added feathered extensions!


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