Blue Jeans and Leopard Fur Jacket

Hey, boys and girls!  Did you miss me? Well, the witch is back and ready for winter, in leopard fur that is!


Jokes apart, what girl does not love fur (faux fur that is, because we love animals even more) and yes I do own some real fur pieces, but all those are all second-hand bought or inherited furs (yes, because it does not help the dead animal that someone will throw it out), but I only buy  my new pieces in faux fur (and hope you do the same)! ❤


Maybe it is a Canadian thing or a fall mood, but I am totally loving all jean look (aka Canadian Tuxedo)!  It is easy, comfy and cool looking !  After all, a pair of good jeans is a must in every wardrobe; it is sort of a blank canvas to accessorize and create your look on!


An important gold necklace and bracelets add glamour to this casual look (the key is not to exaggerate, big necklace = no earrings, lots of bracelets = no rings).


Posh looking outerwear in brown tones will complete the look!   Nothing like the contrast between blue jeans and warm beige tones (yes, that camel coat, leopard print jacket, brown accessories) all work great for the casually chic autumn looks!


A gold chain purse Chanel purse adds elegance and links all the accessories all together), while a pair of comfy brown booties complete the look!

blue jeans canadian tuxedo and leopard fur jacket and brown chanel purse for fall


However a key piece in this fall weekend outfit is definitely a fur leopard coat! This piece has been gracing the runways everywhere in both short and long versions! I personally  love both, but a short jacket is definitely easier to wear, either over a simple pair of jeans (like above) for day looks or a little black dress at night!  Best part, this piece is timeless, I personally inherited this little leopard jacket from my aunt and just love it! ❤





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  1. That jacket so cute! Idk if I could rock it though! Great blog post! Feel free to check out my most recent blog post too! ❤❤

    1. Thanks, Babe! Yes, love it! 💗 Cute blog!

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