Venice Italian City of Magic

Let’s be honest Venice is something so unique and amazing, that everyone should see it, at least once in their life! 💙  The baroque architecture, the canals with its gondolas, mega chandeliers and murano glass! 💫 The Carnival in Venice is also quite special and it attracts tourist from all over the world. Unlike in the Caribbean countries, it is not a big half-naked street party (it is also, quite cold and often windy in February in Italy for that), but it is more of a time travelling theater show! 💫🎭💙

As you can see Venetians love the most elaborate 1700-1800 inspired costumes, preferably made for couples or even groups! 🎭 They these especially made by the local seamstresses and ready to promenade around the city and pose for photos all 10 days of carnival! They become sort of Venetian elite, they barely speak with commoners (people who are not dressed up), but they will pose for a photo with them (obviously for free, as a charitable gesture). 😗😘

So I went around and captured some of the best costumes in Piazza San Marco! 😗 I had to take off my mask and put on my serious face in order to do so (breaking my Carnaval spirit), because otherwise photographers would not leave me alone! 🎭 I tried to explain that I am not a mask, but they wanted me to pose non stop, while I was on a mission for my blog! 💫💙💫

Even though most costumes in Venice are baroque inspired  (especially on Venetians), the tourists who choose to dress up bring up a bit of modern fun to the Carnival! 💫🎭💙


And to tell you the truth it was quite cold and windy, so I really envied those one piece faux-fur teddy bear costumes! 💜💙💚 Yup, those colorful furry animals were probably everyone’s dream that day! In fact local bars were full of masks and tourists warming up over cup of tea❣ Therefore, my girlfriend and I decided that it was a great idea and went into the beautiful ‘Gran Café dei Quadri’ in Piazza San Marco for our tea❣

Once warmed up and full on little biscuits, it was time to head back to the train station! It takes about 20 minute walk from Piazza San Marco to Stazione  (you can also take a boat for €7,50 but walk is way more pleasant, as one can Venetians streets and check out the souvenir shops)! Obviously, it took us about 2 hours 😂😂😂 as we stopped to take photos and check out local shops❣

So what do you shop for in Venice? Obviously you can find anything, but you cannot come back from Venice without a mask (I got mine raw because I wanted to decorate it myself, but there are plenty of choices). I really liked this shop with quite unique leather and papier-mache’ masks and of course Murano glass with murine jewellery❣💚💙💗

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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    wow! We had always thought about how its like to be in Venice during Carnival. The hotels are usually all booked out we are told…but this is a beautiful share. We missed out! lol

    1. Thanks! Yes, Venice is always beautiful and the Carnival is quite unique, so maybe you can make it next year! I am not sure where you guys are from, but you don’t have to stay in Venice (it probably gets expensive during carnival days). I personally came by train for a day, but I live in Italy. However, if you are doing an Italy trip during that period maybe you stay at another city and just come for a day! All Italy is beautiful and there’s so much to see!

      1. Mel & Suan says:

        We’ve been to Venice before though in the summer. Yeah it will take being part of a larger trip to get to Venice for us again. Yes, someday just probably not next year. Thanks for sharing. Its a great post.

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