Searching for Romeo in Verona, Italian city of love!


Romeo, ohh Romeo.. ❤ Who did not hear of the most famous lovers in the universe?! ❤  We all know thr Shakespearian tragedy of two lovers from Verona’s nobil families, but did you know that there is an actual Juliette’s house with the very same balcony described in the story! 💕 Well, we went to see it and check out the world famous Verona!

Ok, so the word around is if you touch the Juliette’s statue breasts, it will bring you luck in love! ❤ Of course, we had to test it out and recharge on some love luck! 😘😚 If you are already in love and visiting the city with your lover, don’t forget to bring a lock with your names on it 🔒 so you can lock up your love in this magical city! 🔐💕

Another fantastic place to see in Verona is the Arena! This antique Roman structure can be visited, just like Coloseum; plus in the summer time it hosts a season of famous operas! People from all over the world come here to see ‘Aida’, ‘Rimeo and Giuliette’ or ‘ Madame Butterfly’ so if you are planning to visit Verona check out the shoe schedule! And yes, it is actually on my to do list, as well! 💗🎭💫

The city architecture is amazing with stone streets and antique buildings are everywhere to explore! Afterwards, when you get tired of sightseeing, make sure to check out some stores! Shopping in Verona is great; a perfect combination of high-end boutiques and mainstream chains all on the same street! 💕 In fact, Verona is home to world famous affordable but fashionable underwear and socks chain Calzedonia – Tezenis- Intimissimi! 👙👕🛍

The stone bridge over the river Adige reminds the visitors of Verona’s ancient roots! It testimoniates of the great Roman Empire that built this magnificent city thousands of years ago, but still withstood the time to be admired by us today! ❤

If you are visiting Northern Italy, make sure to spend a couple of days in Verona, but do wear comfy shoes because it will take a lot of walking on not so comfortable stone pebbles! 🎊

Hope you enjoyed this brief weekend getaway with me and will want to visit this city by yourself, as well! ❤

Love life and travel lots,


Inessa  💋

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