Weekend trip to Croatia through the Adriatic Sea 

I have been living in Italy for years and been hearing about it’s sea neighbour for about as long. I knew it had nice beaches and that lots of people opened restaurants and kept their boats in Croatia! I heard about it, but I never quite made it to cross over the 180km distance of Adriatic sea. Until we decided to make it a weekend getaway to Rovigno❣💦☉

We departed from Cesenatico early in the morning and in about 3 hours we were in Rovinij ❣ This small little town on the Adriatic coast of Croatia somehow looked very familiar! I couldn’t quite understand why the Church tower looked to me like the one in Venice and the entire city build in white stone reminded me of Italy! It turns out that Rovinij (or Rovigno) was a Venetian Repubblic for 700 years and it is well evident in the city architecture❣

20170624_121546As you go up to the main Church terrace, through the little stone streets of the town, you cannot help but notice the mini stores of local artisans that create art and souvenirs for sale❣ Of course, I needed to get some parfumed lavender bags for my closet and little glass art tiles for my washroom, while my mom got herself a sea painting  ❣💦


As we got on top the main city terrace, the view overlooking Rovigno was breathtaking❣ Here, we visited the main Church with it’s beautiful Madonna and Mother Theresa statue and enjoyed the a drink on the terrace cafe❣


After a little city tour (the town is so small that you can see it in 2-3 hrs), we went down for lunch at the sea shore!  We ate at a little place called ‘Maestral’ right on the water shore, where fresh fish was being grilled right in front of you and it was so fresh I decided to have mine raw❣💦

20170624_134922seafood Rovinj in Croatia

After lunch we went to the beach❣ It was a beautiful sunny day and we were dying to go swim in the water! The beaches are about 10 minute walk from the town and they are subdivided in sections! First there is a cement block of structures on the sea, where you can rent your umbrella and beach beds, followed by a pebble beach and a more wild part beach! You can either lay on your towel or rent umbrella and lays on any part of the beach❣ Showers are available everywhere, as well as toilets and bars❣ We decided to stop at the pebble beach! 💦☉



The water was amazingly clear and it was so much fun and refreshing to swim!💦 Of course later, we also went to check out the wild beaches, but they were liked the pebble beaches the best❣


IMG_20170625_125327_701 I really enjoyed the weekend trip in Rovinji❣ The town is very clean, well serviced and welcoming with lots of tourist from all over the world! They are building a new mega hotel and boat port, so it will become even more popular destination, you surely want to visit❣ One last thing, Croatia has its own money, so when you arrive do change some, as they are very reluctant in accepting Euro!


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